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The Star Wars Collectors Galaxy Podcast is a weekly discussion about Star Wars Toys and Collectibles from the past, present, and future. Hosted by Justin Seeley, Trent Bailey, and Michael Havens of the Imperial Commissary; covering everything from 12 Backs to the Black Series. This is the show you're looking for!

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    Collectors Galaxy 38: A Tribute to Carrie Fisher

    The hearts of the Star Wars community are heavy this week as we say goodbye to our beloved Princess Leia, aka Carrie Fisher. During what was a very emotional episode, the Collectors Galaxy crew attempts to collect their thoughts, share memories, and honor the person that meant so very much to all of us. We […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 37: Rogue One Review Show

    In this week’s edition of the Collectors Galaxy Podcast we’re talking about Rogue One! That’s right, the movie is FINALLY here, and we’ve got some thoughts! We talk about our thoughts on the lack of an opening crawl, our favorite characters, our least favorite characters, and whether or not we think it ranks in our […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 36: U-Wings and Septic Tanks

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy Justin recaps his recent trip to Disney World, Mike is off to Mexico, and the guys all have their tickets for Rogue One! Trent brings his new U-Wing and Tie Striker vehicles over to Mike’s house and allows Mike to unbox them live on the show! What do the guys […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 35: The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker

    The Collectors Galaxy podcast is back on the air, and this week the guys are breaking down everything that happened at the recent Cincinnati Toy Show, in Cincinnati, OH. In addition to the show itself, the guys attended the “Room Sales” event at a local hotel, and there was an IC meetup too! This was […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 34: We’ve Gone Rogue

    The boys are back! This week they’re breaking down all of their newly acquired Rogue One merchandise, and also discussing lots of new stuff that is slated to hit shelves in the coming weeks. Trent and Justin hit Rogue Friday harder than expected, mostly 3.75″ and 6″ Black Series, but Mike was the big “winner” […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 33: Droids and Ewoks

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast the guys are talking about more news related to Force Rogue Friday, including new packaging shots from a Toys R Us exclusive Black Series figure, new “value” vehicles, and a checklist that’ll help you collect everything you want on launch day! Also on this week’s show the guys […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 32: Jeremy Bulloch

    The guys are FINALLY BACK after taking a few weeks off and they’ve got a lot to talk about! This week they cover some of the latest Rogue One toy news, talk about Force Friday, and discuss several of the recent leaked images of upcoming products from Hasbro. Also on this week’s show, in the […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 31: Hasbro We Have a Problem

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast the guys discuss all of the latest news surrounding Force Friday, New TFA DVD releases, and the new Rogue One trailer. There seems to be an issue with the SDCC Exclusive Black Series figures that are being shipped from Hasbro Toy Shop. What’s the deal? Well, the Collectors […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 30: Mike Quinn aka Nien Nunb

    This week the Collectors Galaxy Guys are breaking down the latest news from Hasbro as we inch closer to Force Friday. Target appears to be putting Black Series figures on sale to make room for new inventory, and we continue to get a steady stream of new product leaks. Also on this week’s show the […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 29: The Phone Lines Are Open!

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast the guys are back and talking about the latest news from Hasbro, Funko, and a whole lot more! Plus, we’re opening up the phones for our first-ever call-in show! We talk to a several collectors from around the galaxy this week and they share some stories, ask us […]

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