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The Star Wars Collectors Galaxy Podcast is a weekly discussion about Star Wars Toys and Collectibles from the past, present, and future. Hosted by Justin Seeley, Trent Bailey, and Michael Havens of the Imperial Commissary; covering everything from 12 Backs to the Black Series. This is the show you're looking for!

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    Collectors Galaxy 39: The CGA Awards

    This week on the Star Wars Collectors Galaxy podcast, the guys talk more about Rogue One, discuss the upcoming Black Series 3.75″ scale AT-ST, and give their thoughts about what kind of special promotions Disney will roll out for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. Also on this week’s show, the inaugural edition of the […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 38: A Tribute to Carrie Fisher

    The hearts of the Star Wars community are heavy this week as we say goodbye to our beloved Princess Leia, aka Carrie Fisher. During what was a very emotional episode, the Collectors Galaxy crew attempts to collect their thoughts, share memories, and honor the person that meant so very much to all of us. We […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 37: Rogue One Review Show

    In this week’s edition of the Collectors Galaxy Podcast we’re talking about Rogue One! That’s right, the movie is FINALLY here, and we’ve got some thoughts! We talk about our thoughts on the lack of an opening crawl, our favorite characters, our least favorite characters, and whether or not we think it ranks in our […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 36: U-Wings and Septic Tanks

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy Justin recaps his recent trip to Disney World, Mike is off to Mexico, and the guys all have their tickets for Rogue One! Trent brings his new U-Wing and Tie Striker vehicles over to Mike’s house and allows Mike to unbox them live on the show! What do the guys […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 35: The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker

    The Collectors Galaxy podcast is back on the air, and this week the guys are breaking down everything that happened at the recent Cincinnati Toy Show, in Cincinnati, OH. In addition to the show itself, the guys attended the “Room Sales” event at a local hotel, and there was an IC meetup too! This was […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 34: We’ve Gone Rogue

    The boys are back! This week they’re breaking down all of their newly acquired Rogue One merchandise, and also discussing lots of new stuff that is slated to hit shelves in the coming weeks. Trent and Justin hit Rogue Friday harder than expected, mostly 3.75″ and 6″ Black Series, but Mike was the big “winner” […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 33: Droids and Ewoks

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast the guys are talking about more news related to Force Rogue Friday, including new packaging shots from a Toys R Us exclusive Black Series figure, new “value” vehicles, and a checklist that’ll help you collect everything you want on launch day! Also on this week’s show the guys […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 32: Jeremy Bulloch

    The guys are FINALLY BACK after taking a few weeks off and they’ve got a lot to talk about! This week they cover some of the latest Rogue One toy news, talk about Force Friday, and discuss several of the recent leaked images of upcoming products from Hasbro. Also on this week’s show, in the […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 31: Hasbro We Have a Problem

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast the guys discuss all of the latest news surrounding Force Friday, New TFA DVD releases, and the new Rogue One trailer. There seems to be an issue with the SDCC Exclusive Black Series figures that are being shipped from Hasbro Toy Shop. What’s the deal? Well, the Collectors […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 30: Mike Quinn aka Nien Nunb

    This week the Collectors Galaxy Guys are breaking down the latest news from Hasbro as we inch closer to Force Friday. Target appears to be putting Black Series figures on sale to make room for new inventory, and we continue to get a steady stream of new product leaks. Also on this week’s show the […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 29: The Phone Lines Are Open!

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast the guys are back and talking about the latest news from Hasbro, Funko, and a whole lot more! Plus, we’re opening up the phones for our first-ever call-in show! We talk to a several collectors from around the galaxy this week and they share some stories, ask us […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 28: It’s Pronounced AT-AT

    This week on Collectors Galaxy the guys breakdown one of the oldest debates in Star Wars fandom, the pronunciation of AT-AT! Now that there’s definitive evidence, however, it’s not much of a debate. Joining the guys in the Collector’s Corner this week are Gary Borbridge and Stephen Ward. Gary and Stephen are writing a book […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 27: Dengar’s Big Gun

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast the guys are breaking down a ton of news related to San Diego Comic Exclusives from Hasbro! The guys are pretty excited about the new 6″ Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi and Kylo Ren figures, and they’re hoping Justin can snag a few while he’s in San Diego. Also […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 26: Jeff’s Collectible Empire

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast the flood of news has finally begun! The guys talk about a whole lot of San Diego Comic Con and Celebration London exclusives, including news from Jakks Pacific, Hot Wheels, and Lego. Also on this week’s show, in the Collector’s Corner segment, Jeff Jacob joins the show to […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 25: The Skywalker Argument

    On this week’s episode of Collectors Galaxy the guys sift through the sparse Star Wars toy news; including Carrie Fisher’s new advice column, Star Wars holograms becoming a reality, more Funko news, and Star Wars Rebels hitting DVD/Blu Ray. Also in this week’s Collector’s Corner segment they break down the first wave of ESB figures […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 24: Customizing w/ Stephen Ward

    On this week’s episode of Collectors Galaxy the guys welcome special guest Stephen Ward. Stephen is an avid Star Wars fan, collector, and customizer with an amazing portfolio of work. In addition to making his own customs, Stephen is also writing a book called “Engineering an Empire” which focuses on personal stories from the employees […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 23: The Boys Are Back!

    After a brief hiatus the Collectors Galaxy crew is back in action! This week on the show the guys discuss the recent news surrounding Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, a new wave a Star Wars props being sold by Disney and Lucasfilm, and several new Lego sets that are currently hitting stores. Also on […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 22: Craig Miller

    This week on Collectors Galaxy the guys are breaking down the latest news from Hasbro, discussing a few of their finds throughout the week, and giving away two AMAZING prizes to some very lucky listeners! Also on this week’s show, former Head of Fan Relations for Lucasfilm, Craig Miller joins the show to talk about […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 21: Skywalking with the Woloskis

    It’s a slow news week in the world of Star Wars toys as we await more new from Force Friday, Rogue One, and beyond. This week on the show the guys talk about a new Black Series 3-Pack that leaked online from Toys R Us, the latest from Smuggler’s Bounty and their Bounty Hunter themed […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 20: Steve Sansweet

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy Podcast the guys have just gotten back from Toy Mania in Murfreesboro, TN. Justin picked up at POTF 2 A-Wing, Trent snagged a nice vintage carded figure, and Mike picked up a Force FX lightsaber. Also on this week’s show; Someone is selling Slave Leia perfume on Amazon, George […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 19: May the 4th Be With You

    The boys from the Collectors Galaxy are celebrating Star Wars Day (aka May the 4th)! This week the guys are talking about all the great deals they got on Star Wars Day, including Disney Store Exclusives, Takodana 4-Packs, and Starkiller Base Reys. Justin had an awesome trip to Phoenix where he hit a nice vintage […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 18: 12 Backs and Chicago Dogs

    On this week’s episode the Collectors Galaxy guys are back from the Chicago Toy Show and they’re talking about their massive hauls! Justin picked up several MOC figures and a minty Blue Snaggletooth, Mike grabbed an awesome MOC Droids Boba Fett, and Trent scored an amazing 12 Back Luke Skywalker. Also on this week’s show the […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 17: Charming to the Last

    The Collectors Galaxy podcast is back, and this week the guys have a show full of awesomeness. Hasbro sales numbers are up, more Rogue One figures are getting leaked, and Target is FINALLY implementing some inventory control on scalpers! Also on this week’s show, Justin finally gets his hands on a Droids Series C-3PO, Mike […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 16: First Twelve Extravaganza

    On this week’s Collectors Galaxy podcast the guys share their thoughts on the new Rogue One trailer, speculate on upcoming toys from the film, and discuss some of the latest action figure news from around the galaxy. Trent just returned from Emerald City Comic Con, so he’s in studio to share some of the awesomeness […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 15: Retroblasting w/ Michael French

    On this week’s Collectors Galaxy podcast the guys are joined by Michael French, host of the RetroBlasting YouTube channel, and they’re talking about all about vintage! Michael talks about how RetroBlasting came about, how his collection evolved over time, and he takes your questions from Facebook too! Also on this week’s show, the guys breakdown […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 14: The New Nerfherders

    This week the Collectors Galaxy podcast welcomes two new co-hosts! Michael Havens and Trent Bailey will be regulars on the show from here on out, and they’re in studio with Justin this week to talk about all things Star Wars! During this episode the guys discuss the latest wave of figures, some new acquisitions they’ve […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 13: Bill McBride

    The Collectors Galaxy podcast is making some changes! Get all the details on the new co-hosts and format in this week’s episode. Also on the show this week, we kick off the “Collectors Corner” segment with Bill McBride. Bill is one of the most famous collectors in the world, with over 60,000 Darth Vader related […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 12: LIVE from Lexington!

    This is a special LIVE episode of the Collectors Galaxy podcast which took place on 03/12/2016 in Lexington, KY at the Imperial Commissary Meetup. During the show Justin is joined by Michael Havens and Trent Bailey (both admins of the IC), as well as some very special members of the IC who come on to […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 11: Gus Lopez

    This week Justin is joined by none other than Gus Lopez. Gus has an amazing collection, and one that focuses on much more than just action figures. In this episode Justin and Gus discuss how Gus got started with Star Wars collecting, including the first time he saw the movie, and what it was like […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 10: Tyler Ham

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy Podcast, Justin is joined by’s Tyler Ham! Tyler has an awesome connection to the Star Wars movie franchise (he worked at ILM), and he’s also a toy designer, visual effects artist, and avid Star Wars toy collector. This episode is full of fun talk about vintage Star Wars […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 09: Jake Stevens

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast, Justin is joined by Jake Stevens from and the Galaxy of Toys Podcast. Jake and Justin take about some of their vintage/modern finds these past few weeks and they’re also discussing the latest news from Hasbro at Toy Fair 2016. Justin throws Jake a curveball and asks […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 08: Brian Stillman from Plastic Galaxy

    This week on the Collectors Galaxy podcast, Justin is joined by the Director of Plastic Galaxy: The Story of Star Wars Toys, Brian Stillman. Brian and Justin talk about how Brian grew up with Star Wars, what got him back into collecting, and what motivated him to create the Plastic Galaxy film. Brian shares some […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 07: Toy Fair 2016

    Last week Toy Fair was held in NYC and Hasbro made some pretty big announcements and also teased the return of one of the most popular lines of Star Wars action figures. In this special edition of the Collectors Galaxy podcast, Justin breaks down the Hasbro announcements about the 6-inch Black Series line, 3.75″ 5POA […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 06: I Grew Up Star Wars w/ Tom Berges

    Tom Berges from stops by the show to talk about his new website, his collection, and we take your Facebook/Twitter questions as well. Justin and Tom have a lot of fun on this episode talking about Tom’s love of vintage toys, especially the First 21, and they also discuss the crazy atmosphere of today’s […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 05: Droid Bleachers

    This week on the Star Wars Collectors Galaxy Podcast Justin finally comes across some new Rey merchandise, including her BladeBuilder lightsaber! The big topic of the week is the new “droid bleaching” trend that is currently sweeping the internet. Justin shares his thoughts about the issue and tries to make sense of the whole ordeal. […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 04: Figure Focus – R2-D2

    On this week’s episode we begin our new Figure Focus segment where I break down the history of a single vintage Star Wars action figure. The first figure in the spotlight is Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) from the original Kenner line. This little droid captured the hearts of millions and sparked the imaginations of children everywhere. This […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 03: Jedi Business

    This week on the Star Wars Collectors Galaxy Podcast, Justin is joined by Chris (aka Criz-Bee) of Chris started JediBusiness as a way to keep track of his own figures, and it has since grown into one of the premiere Star Wars figure databases on the web. Chris and Justin talk about how Chris […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 02: Steve Glosson

    This week on the Star Wars Collectors Galaxy Podcast Justin is joined by the host of Geek Out Loud, Steve Glosson. Justin and Steve talk about how first got into Star Wars collecting, their favorite toys from years past, and also discuss what they think Hasbro should be doing with the modern line of Star […]

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    Collectors Galaxy 01: The Early Bird Package

    Welcome to the Star Wars Collectors Galaxy Podcast! On this week’s show Justin talks about the Star Wars Early Bird Certificate Package from Kenner Toys. Justin also has an awesome new addition to his vintage collection, and he FINALLY found his 6-inch Black Series “white whale” action figure. That, and a lot more on this […]

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